Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

“Aside from the obvious, the most heartbreaking part for me regarding Eric’s illness has been the disruption of what should be his carefree preschool years. The Morgan Center allows him ample opportunities to play and socialize in a welcome respite from the rigors of his cancer treatment. Eric’s Dad and I are so grateful for Nancy and Rod’s vision and their dedication to this endeavor. Words really can’t adequately describe the breath of fresh air The Morgan Center has brought into our lives.”

— Michelle (Eric’s Mom)


“I experience so much joy when I watch Russell interact with the teachers and children at The Morgan Center. He has learned a great deal about making friends and getting along with other children. Not only has it been one of the most gratifying experiences to watch Russell grow and flourish, but comforting to know that he is doing it in a safe environment like The Morgan Center. Russell is not the only one who has benefited from this wonderful place. I too, have found a haven through the great support systems from the other parents who are fighting the same battle. The tremendous amount of comfort to my soul and spirit that The Morgan Center has come to offer is priceless and indescribable.”

— Peggy (Russell’s Mom)


“When our 2½-year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, we were of course, devastated and petrified. We were thrust into an unfamiliar and overwhelming world involving hospital stays, clinic appointments, chemotherapy sessions,invasive tests and procedures, fears of infection and the list could go on. We were desperate to help our child find some sense of normalcy and joy during the thirty months of treatment that was yet ahead of her. As we sat in the clinic one morning, I noticed the brochure for The Morgan Center and a twinge of hope shot through my mind. Could this be a place for our child to play with others, to develop her cognitive and social skills, to just be a kid and have fun? Nancy and Rod were kind enough to invite us to the Center’s holiday party and we were thrilled to accept. That party brought our daughter more happiness than words can express. To see her face as she interacted with other children her age, in a safe place and in a manner that was NOT about cancer but rather about life, was indescribable. It was the beginning of our daughter’s ability to reclaim some of her childhood. To us, The Morgan Center has become much more than a special preschool. It is a safe haven; an oasis away from the world of cancer; a place of genuine delight where our child can learn and grow in an environment that understands and provides for her special needs. For us, it is a place of support and understanding, nurturance and empathy, immeasurable kindness and generosity. Our child actually loves attending The Morgan Center so much, that even on mornings when she receives chemotherapy, she insists on going to school immediately after. We are so profoundly grateful not only to Nancy and Rod for their vision and determination to turn it into a reality but also to each and every individual who has contributed to the realization of this dream come true.”

— Donna (Molly’s Mom)


“The Morgan Center is a place to just be… for Sophia that meant to just be a kid. Even if there is a leg brace, a limp,no hair, at The Morgan Center each child is just a kid. For us as parents, it is also a place to be… to be laughing one minute, telling your story and crying the next. It is a place for a cancer parent to really be understood.

Without The Morgan Center, these pre-school aged children would not have the opportunity to just be. After diagnosis, there is no preschool or child care for them because of suppressed immune systems. The Morgan Center is critical for them to keep developing their social skills. It helps to maintain a sense of normalcy in a new, chaotic world.

Without The Morgan Center, cancer parents probably would not see as many smiles on their child’s face. It adds a ray of sunshine to a routine of finger sticks and chemotherapy.”

— Emily and Russell (Sophia’s Parents)