Raise Awareness

“I also found a tremendous support system in the other parents and caregivers at the center. I was able to see that we were not fighting this battle alone.”
— Danielle (Harrison’s Mom)

Raise Awareness

Although making a donation to The Morgan Center directly helps us make a difference in the lives of young children battling cancer, there are many other ways in which you can help us with this goal. Helping to raise awareness is a very important job as well.

Show your support Wear our bracelets to show your support for The Morgan Center. Buy bracelets online »

Educate Others Help teach others about the important mission of The Morgan Center. The Morgan Center relies solely on the support of others to offer its program free of charge to the children and their families, so helping us gain supporters can make a big impact.

Join us Online at major social networking sites where you can show your support and help spread the word about us to your friends.

Be an Advocate Help us make childhood cancer a public policy priority. Increased funding for research and improving the quality of care for children with cancer is a critical need. Write a letter to your member of Congress and let them know how important this issue is to you. Your voice can be a powerful tool to help influence public policy. Together, our voices will always be louder and stronger.

Get involved. Help us make a difference.