Frequently Asked Questions

“I don't know what the future holds, but I do thank you for starting the center for the children. We have made friends and we havea special bond with everyone, because everyone is going through the same thing.”
-- Denise (Jessica's Mom)

The Center

Is there tuition to attend The Morgan Center?

The program is provided tuition free to the families. This is supported by private donations and fundraising throughout the year to cover the expenses at the center.

Do the parents stay at the facility?

Yes, there is a parent lounge where the parents stay while the children are in class. This also provides a support group, where the parents are all dealing with the same issues.

Do the children have to be “potty trained” to attend the center?

Since the parents stay, the children do not have to be potty trained. Any changing or toilet issues are handled by the parents.

When can I enroll my child?

Children can be enrolled at the center throughout the year. The center operates on a ten month calendar from September to June.

How old does my child have to be to attend?

We have found that children can sit through a lesson and follow direction beginning at the age of 2½ years old. We accept enrollment for 2½ years old through 5 years old.

Do I have to bring my child all three days?

The children can come as little or as much as possible or desired. The lessons are contained to one class, so they don’t feel like they have missed anything if they are not there.

Can I come visit The Morgan Center?

Unfortunately, we need to minimize exposures of the children to germs at The Morgan Center, and therefore for the safety of the children, visitors are not permitted. If you are a parent interested in enrolling your child a visit can be made by appointment.

Can I volunteer at The Morgan Center?

Currently, The Morgan Center has an adequate number of volunteers to help with the children. If you are interested in volunteering to help The Morgan Center, please visit our How to Help page.

Are you interested in hiring teachers at The Morgan Center?

Not at this time. However, if you would like us to keep your resume on file, please email it to:

Can I donate used toys to The Morgan Center?

Unfortunately, we can’t accept used toys due to the germ issues.

Can I donate new toys to The Morgan Center?

Toys that are small and can be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes are accepted. Please contact if you would like to discuss further.

Can I organize a toy drive for The Morgan Center during the holiday season?

During the holidays we shop for each child with specific likes and wishes in mind. Instead of toy drives, we prefer donations toward these gifts or gift cards.

Can I adopt a family from The Morgan Center to buy presents for during the holidays?

Yes. Please contact if you would like to discuss.


Is my financial contribution tax deductible?

The Morgan Center is a 501(c)(3) not for profit charitable organization, and monetary donations may be deductible in the United States for federal income tax purposes. Please consult with your financial advisor to determine the extent of tax deductibility.

Does The Morgan Center need my donation?

Yes. The Morgan Center is provided free of charge to the children. We receive no public or government funding and are supported entirely by the generosity of individual donors, corporate sponsors and charitable foundations. Your donation helps us continue our mission and helps to make a difference in the lives of young children battling cancer.

What are The Morgan Center’s sources of funding?

The Morgan Center is entirely supported by the generosity of individual donors, corporate sponsors and charitable foundations. The Morgan Center receives no government funding, and does not solicit contributions over the phone or door-to-door.

How will my donation be used?

The Morgan Center provides its services to the children attending its program completely free of charge. Your donation will be used to continue to provide this service.

Who should donations checks be made out to?

Please make all checks payable to: The Morgan Center

Where should I mail my donation check?

All donations can be mailed to: The Morgan Center, P.O. Box 333, Brightwaters, NY 11718. Please include a donation form with each donation.

Can The Morgan Center send a bill for a donation?

The Morgan Center cannot bill a donor for a donation. A payment should accompany the donation form.

Does The Morgan Center accept international donations?

Yes. The Morgan Center accepts international donations online via PayPal or the Causes application on Facebook.

Can I give stock as a donation?

Yes. The Morgan Center accepts donations of stock, securities or real estate. To make a donation of stocks, securities or real estate please contact

Who do I speak to about putting The Morgan Center in my will?

If you would like to include The Morgan Center in your estate planning, please contact You should also speak with your attorney or financial planner.

Do all donations receive a receipt?

Any donor who makes a donation and has provided their email or mailing address will receive a receipt once the donation has been processed.

Can I add a tribute or dedication when I make a donation?

Yes. When you make a donation you can indicate who the gift is in memory or honor of, and designate what you would want to appear if the donation is published.

How is a notification made to the family for a donation made in memory or honor of someone?

If your donation was made in memory or honor of someone, and you wish us to send an acknowledgement to the family, please be sure to include the names and addresses of the family member(s) to be notified. The Morgan Center will send an acknowledgement of your gift to the name and address provided.

Can I get a 501(c)(3) letter?

The 501(c)(3) letter is proof that The Morgan Center is recognized as a not for profit charitable organization by the U.S. federal government. Please contact us at if you need a copy of this letter.

What is The Morgan Center’s tax ID number?

A tax ID number (or EIN number) identifies The Morgan Center as a not for profit charitable organization by the U.S. federal government. The tax ID number for The Morgan Center is 43-1995070.


Does The Morgan Center use telemarketers?

The Morgan Center does not, under any circumstances, engage telemarketers to raise money on its behalf.

My group is interested in holding a fundraiser for The Morgan Center. Where do I start?

We are thrilled you are interested in organizing a fundraising event to benefit The Morgan Center. Please visit our Fundraising Page to learn more, and contact us well in advance of the event at or call us at (516) 537-4450 or (631) 206-1341.