“We are extremely grateful and thankful for your patience, kindness and attention with Daphne.”
— Maggie (Daphne’s Mom)


THE MORGAN CENTER is for preschool-age children with cancer, between the ages of 2½ to 5 years old. There is an application packet to be completed by the family and a medical release form to be approved and signed by the child’s doctor. Each application is reviewed and students are accepted on a case-by-case basis. The parents stay in the lounge area while the children attend class.

Enrollment is open throughout the year. Even though THE MORGAN CENTER operates three days each week, it is not necessary for the students to attend every class. The children can attend as little or as much as needed or as much as their treatment and schedule permits.

THE MORGAN CENTER is provided free of charge to the children and their families. Tuition and expenses are completely supported by private donations and fundraising.

For questions regarding enrollment or for assistance, please email us at nancy@themorgancenter.org or call us at (516) 537-4450 or (631) 206-1341