Team Captain Checklist


Congratulations on signing up to be a team captain for The Morgan Center’s 2020 Morgan’s Mile, a virtual walk to benefit preschool-aged children battling cancer. You are already a hero in the eyes of these amazing children; use this checklist here to help give you ideas and suggestions to help you and your team successfully reach your goal.

This is an ever-growing list of ideas. If you have a suggestion we haven’t thought of, please reach out and share it with us and the other team captains working to help The Morgan Center reach its goal.

  • Set up and personalize your team page First things first:
    Click on Fundraise on the Give Butter TMC Page and select “Create a Team”. There, you can give your team a name, upload a photo, set a fundraising goal for the team, and share why you are joining in the event to support preschool-aged children battling cancer.
  • Connect with us Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter. If you are on LinkedIn, you’ll find us there.
    We encourage you to engage and share with others in the Morgan’s Mile community. Share inspirational stories, photos, tips for fundraising, or other information about why you are walking for pediatric children with cancer.
  • Meet your Morgan’s Mile staff contacts; Our team will reach out to offer assistance. We are here to offer support and guidance for you and your team members. We succeed when you succeed.
  • Recruit your team members Start recruiting today! Waiting until the last minute will make it harder to achieve your goal. Send the link for your team to your teammates—Any questions, please contact
  • Start fundraising Don’t wait…start your fundraising right away. Funds raised for Morgan’s Mile go toward providing each child at The Morgan Center a full scholarship to attend this joyous preschool program. Challenge yourself and your team to raise the most dollars. Check the website to see your team’s ranking


  • Keep increasing your goal! As you get close to reaching or surpassing your goal, head back to the portal, and increase it. Your friends and colleagues may be less likely to give or will give less if they see you’re close to or at your goal. Think of them as your cheering section. An increased goal means they will be more likely to help you get to that new number.
  • Talk to your teammates: As the team captain, you are the cheerleader for your teammates. Send group texts, emails, or other communication to acknowledge successful team members and encourage those who are lagging behind. Hold a team competition or challenge to motivate members to sign up newer team members or raise more funds.
  • Let your team shine: If you are regularly posting online about the event and your team, feature team members in the photos and videos. Make them stars of the show to motivate them and the rest of the team.
  • Make a plan:

    f you want to organize your team, walk for Morgan’s Mile on a specific day

    …Share. Share. Share.

  • Check back in often: At The Morgan Center we believe there is always room to grow. For that reason, we suggest checking back on our website and on our social media channels for tips, tricks, ideas, and suggestions to help you be successful.
  • After the walk: We suggest, where possible, sending a Thank You to those who supported you for doing so. Send it with a photo or video. You can send it via email and share it with all of your social media channels. Encourage those who haven’t donated to consider doing it at that time…it’s not too late. Remember to give a big thank you to everyone on the team as well. And, after all, is said and done, congratulate yourself on a job well done.