Council of Caring

“Without The Morgan Center, cancer parents probably would not see as many smiles on their child’s face. It adds a ray of sunshine to a routine of finger sticks and chemotherapy.”
— Russell (Sophia’s Father)

Council of Caring

The Council of Caring is a major gift sponsorship program for The Morgan Center. Your gift to the Council of Caring will help us continue to make a difference in the lives of young children battling cancer.

Level Amount
Children's Visionary
Sponsors the development of additional
Morgan Centers
Children's Guardian
Sponsors the teachers and teacher aids for The Morgan Center
Children's Champion
Sponsors rent, utilities and equipment for The Morgan Center
Children's Patron
Sponsors insurance and administrative expenses for The Morgan Center
Children's Advocate
Sponsors sanitary services, special cleaning and supplies for The Morgan Center
Children's Supporter
Sponsors a scholarship to support the tuition for a child for a year at The Morgan Center
Children's Friend
Sponsors supplies and materials for the children of The Morgan Center

Opportunities for exceptional generosity can be arranged by contacting Nancy at or by calling (631) 206-1341 or (516) 537-4450.

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